About Us

To Our Parents and Student Drivers:

Choosing a Driver Education Provider for your child is one of the many important decisions you'll make as a parent to ensure the safety of your child as they grow older and take on new responsibilities.

You may have questions such as: What should I expect from a Driving School? How can I be sure my child is getting the best professional instruction? How should I go about selecting a Driving School?

We hope that the information we provide here about our staff and our processes will help you understand what BDS can provide for you and your student driver.

Tom Gallagher, Owner


To learn more about driving schools and questions that should be considered/asked when considering registartion, please click here to visit our FAQ page.

Our Fleet

When you register a student with Bridgewater Driving School, you can be assured that your student driver will be using one of our many fleet cars. We exclusively use Toyota Corrolla, Camry and Yaris vehicles. Our cars are used only for Bridgewater Driving School instruction, meaning that they are not the personal vehicles of our instructors. Our fleet of vehicles are all equiped with a dual brake (a requirement for Operating Driving Schools in New Jersey),and are kept up with routine maintainence to keep them in top operating performance.

Our Team

17 years ago, Tom Gallagher opened the doors to BDS hoping to bring Central Jersey a fresh and new approach to driver training. Our team of instructors are all screened, interviewed, hired and trained by Tom personally.

When it comes to selecting who should a part of the BDS family, it is based solely on one principle. Who is the right fit. At Bridgewater Driving School we are extremely proud of our instructors with regard to their unique history and experience they bring to their work with us. They have years of experience from careers working in Education, Law Enforcement, UPS & USPS driver trainer and mail carrier and driving instruction prior to joining us

Private One-On-One Instruction:

Your private one-on-one lesson time begins when you get picked up, and ends with you. We don't have students share lesson time or taxi other students back home while starting their lesson. All of our instructors have extra travel time built between their students so that they can dedicate the entire lesson to the student they are working with. We always have and always will keep that promise to our customers

Familiar Territory :

Owners Tom and Kathleen Gallagher have been very fortunate over the years in not only finding qualified and dedicated instructors to join our BDS family, but also have those individuals live with in the Central Jersey areas we service. Our staff live in the counties and towns we service and are familiar with the in's and out's of living and driving in the area. Whether its dealing with rush hour on our local highways, or snaking through local roads due to closures, construction or weather, our instructors know how to make sure your student driver is being provided the best learning time and environment, and not just sitting in traffic for half of a lesson.

Extra Care:

Bridgewater Driving School is proud to be the only Driving School in Somerset County to have attended and received certification from Drive Safer. A program designed to add an extra level of expertise in the areas of hazard avoidance, defensive driving, vehicle control and skid control techniques just to name a few. Our instructors take opportunities like this not only to enhance their own skillset, but also to be able to share these skills to our student drivers as part of the training program we have developed over the years